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Annual Report 2015


Annual Report 2015
United Way of Thailand
National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand


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          NCSWT consists of Assembly, a Board of Directors, 4 Permanent Committees, 12 Standing Committees,

12 Regional Coordinating Committees and the NCSWT’s Office. The Assembly consists of representatives from ordinary

and associate members. Only ordinary members are entitled to vote. The Assembly is convened every three years.

          The Board of Directors consists of representatives from ordinary members elected by the Assembly and is composed

of a President, four Vice Presidents and Board’s members of not more than 25 and 10 invited members. The 12 Chairpersons

of Regional Coordinating Committees are exofficio members.

President:           Maj. Gen. Khunying Asanee  Saovapap

Vice President:  Assist. Prof. Dr. Vajiraya                Buasri

                             Mrs. Somthavil                       Boonyopasdham

                             Mr. Suradej                                 Chayakasetrin

                             Dr. Kachit                                Choopanya  M.D.

Secretary General:      Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ratana       Tungasavadi

Treasurer:           Mrs. Patchanee                      Thientawach

          United Way of Thailand (UWT) is one of Permanent Committees of National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand

and founded in 1971.

          NCSWT’s Board of Directors appoints the Committee on the United Way of Thailand. Mrs.Sirina Chokwatana Pavarolarvidya

is Chairman of the Committee oversees the planning and operation of United Way Thailand.



Principle and Objectives of United Way Thailand

          The main principle of UWT is “People Helping People” in order to promote a better quality of life and peaceful society

by caring and sharing. As the saying goes “Kindness is the heart of stable society.”

UWT has four main objectives:

1.    To encourage collaboration from all sections in a community on social welfare, social development and solving social problems,

in order to build a caring society.

2.    To develop human resources and create a society for a better and peaceful life, to develop our country to peace and prosperity

in accordance with the principle of “Golden Land of Dharma”.

3.    To campaign for fund raising for social welfare, problem solving and social development.     

4.    To promote the programs and procedures of the NCSWT and its member organizations in order to assist people in need

of welfare services, social development and many other useful activities together with similar organizations that promote 


security for the Nation, Religion, and the King.


Under the Committee of the United Way of Thailand, There are four sub-committees as follows:

1.  Fundraising sub-committee

2.  Fund Allocation  sub-committee

3.  Public Relations and Marketing sub-committee

4.  Evaluation sub-committee

Fundraising Campaign

          The United Way Thailand raises funds through individual solicitation, sales of products, special events,

and corporate gifts.

Method of fundraising

1.    Direct mail          - Birthday card project, Credit card point donation and
                               Collection  boxes in shopping centers, companies and banks.

2.    Special events     - Charity Horse Racing Day, Red Cross Fair, Trade Fair and
                               Telethon on the 55th NCSWT Anniversary Charity Night.

3.   Sale of products           - The sale of artificial jasmine flower arrangement on the
                           National Mother’s Day.

4.   Payroll deduction         - Board Members and NCSWT Staff.

          NCSWT has also received grant support from the international donors through UWW, such as the

grant support from Praxair Foundation, USA for Klong San Suk School Improvement project.


Fund Allocation

          In 2015, fund raised are allocated to 119 organizations (NCSWT member organizations and other

social welfare organizations) for four categories of projects as follows:

   20   Social Services projects

·        19   Social Problem Solving projects

·        28   Social Development projects

·        52   Moral Development projects

          Moreover, NCSWT also allocated fund to projects and programs, which ran by the NCSWT member

organizations Regional Coordinating Committees and other social welfare organizations.

          In 2015, United Way of Thailand allocated special funding for the projects initiated by Chairpersons

of Regional Coordinating Committee for the benefit in its community.




 Projects in cooperation with corporate

Tokio Marine Group

Camp and Education Fund

          NCSWT together with Tokio Marine Group organized activities to promote Education Camp program

by providing 90 scholarships to students studying in grade 7 up to their graduation. Tokio Marine Group supported

the whole project with the fund of 524,000 baht. On September 11th, 2015, 90 Scholarships were presented to students

at the Auditorium of National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand (NCSWT) by NCSWT President,

Maj. Gen. Khunying Asanee  Saovapap together with Tokio Marine Officers. After that, all the scholarship

recipients visited the Thailand Knowledge Park (TK Park) at Central World Department Store, Bangkok.



Klong San Suk School Improvement Project

            NCSWT joined effort with Praxair (Thailand) Company Limited arranged an improvement program  
for Klong San Suk School located Tai-Ban Sub-district in Samut Prakan Province.  The program comprised 
repairing and painting school desks and chairs, building a playground  with metal sheet rooftop.
            On December 18, 2015, the NCSWT Vice President, Assist.Prof.Dr. Vajiraya Buasri  with   
Ms.Wibha Chinda, Managing Director of Praxair (Thailand) and Mr.Chaithawat Sitinantawit,
Sourcing Manager and Products   Management Manager jointly presided over the activity day
at Klong San Suk School. Supplied and materials were  given out to 100 volunteers to work and
complete the improvement project.
The project was funded through the generosity of UWW donor, Praxair Foundation, 
USA., in the amount  of USD 15,000 (500,000 baht) 



United Way of Thailand
National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand
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Funding sources:

a)   Total amount was raised (excluding in – kind / product donations)
through campaigns including local chapters in 2015 = US$ 878,626.82
(The average exchange rate over the course of 2015, 29,987,263.48 baht in Thai currency, 1 baht= US$ 0.0293)

b)   Indicate amount raised by our organization by each method listed:







Raised in

US Dollars


Raised in

National Currency


of Total


Direct mail / marketing




Government grants through projects




Employee campaigns &  payroll deduction




Corporate gifts / grants




Special events




Sale of Products




Membership fees







100 %



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