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The National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand established a Community Chest in 1971. In 1990, the name was changed to United Way of Thailand (UWT). UWT organizes campaigns to raise funds for distribution to programs to the benefit of caring and sharing for needy communities. These programs are operated by UWT, one of NCSWT’s four Permanent Committees which are supported by prominent people in society, including businessmen and women, philanthropists, and the general public. Their collaboration involves participation in people helping people programs.


                In 1989, HRH Princess Somsawali graciously accepted to become an Honorary President for the Committee on United Way of Thailand.




 Principle and Objectives

                  The main principle of the United Way of Thailand is “People Helping People” in order to promote a better quality of life and a peaceful society by caring and sharing. As the saying goes “Kindness is the heart to a stable society” and our objectives are:

  1. To encourage collaboration from all sections in a community on social welfare, social development and solving social problems, in order to build a caring society.

2. To develop human resources and create a society for a better and peaceful life, to develop our country for peace and prosperity in accordance with the principle of “Golden Land of Dharma”.

3. To campaign for fund raising for social welfare, problem solving and social development.

 To promote the programs and procedures of the National Council on Social Welfare of Thailand and its member organizations in order to assist people in need of welfare services, social development and many other useful activities together with similar organizations that promote security for the Nation, Religion and the King.






Fund Raising Campaigns are as follows :

- Direct mail and donations from the public

- Corporate gifts

- Sales of products

- Special events

With cooperation from government, private sectors and local International Enterprises.

Funds Allocation:


- Allocate funds according to accepted guidelines to member organizations and others in supporting the operation of useful programs for the public, society and the nation.




Follow-up and Evaluation:

- To follow up and evaluate member organizations and other organizations receiving our support fund.


- To evaluate the fund allocation, together with opinions and recommendation.





Public Relations and Marketing:

- To disseminate information in order to promote charitable activities in the community.

 To coordinate public relations with the fund raising campaign committee for a production of a market plan.



United Way of Thailand and its social services

The United Way of Thailand has allocated the donated funds to member organizations for supporting many different projects throughout the country as follows:

1. Project for the underprivileged and people in need such as people with disabilities and disaster victims.

2. Project to promote career training for the underprivileged and the poor and funds to start a small business.

3. Scholarship Project for poor children throughout the country. Over 800 scholarships are given out yearly together with youth development programs in various fields.

4. Project to provide counseling and advice on legal problem, life and family problem.

5. Project for Drug Abuse Prevention by setting up the NGO Anti-Narcotics Coordinating Center.

6. Project to encourage slum dwellers and rural communities to participate in developing their home environment and villages, morally, socially and economically for a better quality of life.


Fundraising Campaign:

                The primary mission of United Way of Thailand (UWT) is to campaign fundraising on the basis of sharing and giving of people in society. UWT manages to raise funds in various forms such as a donation from the public, individuals, and private organizations; sales of products and organizing special events.


Birthday Card Project:

                UWT Sends Birthday Card out and invites the birthday persons to contribute to UWT Funds for their birthday cerebrations. The 9 UWT Funds are:

1. The Royal Fund for Occupational Promotion

2. The Royal Scholarship Fund

3. The Royal Fund of Free Meals for the Needy

4. The Royal Fund for Occupational Promotion and Development of the Disabled

5. The  Royal Fund for the Community Development

6. The Royal Fund for  the Welfare of children and youth

7. The Royal Fund for Drug-Addicts and AIDS Infected People

8. The Royal Fund for the Needy Persons

  9. United Way of Thailand Fund



 Scholarship Fund:

              Her Majesty the Queen graciously granted the initial fund to launch the Scholarship Fund to help students of poor families to have opportunity to receive an education appropriate to the circumstances and their capabilities. UWT has allocated the Fund to benefit students in the regional and central areas for all levels including elementary, secondary, vocational level and university level.





 Redemption of bonus points earned from credit card use:

  With participation of banks for inviting their customers to redeem bonus points earned for cash as donation to UWT, UWT collective receives donations from banks for Scholarship Funds.



Collection Box:

  With cooperation and support of workplaces, business sectors and companies, UWT has placed collection boxes in these outfits for donations.


  Roy Jai-Sasom Bun Project: 

  UWT invites NCSWT Board Members and staff, government agents, private sectors and individuals to share and make a donation one baht a day or 100 baht a month to the project to benefit the disadvantaged and the needy.








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